Intro to Morgellons Aid

So You Have Morgellons?

You are not alone. Nor are you delusional or is this self-inflicted. I have it too. I’ve struggled with this unknown illness for a long time. I have written this blog to chronicle my successes in dealing with Morgellons. This material is what I wish I had access to when I first accepted that I have this disease. It is incomplete but I have tried to review what has worked best for me. My journey of mitigating my symptoms has been rough as I went at it blindly. I have spent countless dollars and hours on treatments that were not successful. I have suffered the seemingly unrelenting torment. There is hope. Finding effective treatments and protocols will greatly help. I hope to spare you the frustration I have had to endure. I will continue to update Morgellons Aid as new information becomes available. There are quite a few of us Morgies. So always remember “You are not alone.”

Struggling with Morgellons

This illness seems to deplete us of our life energy. It can be horrifying to realize that something is terribly wrong inside your body. It seems to thrive on our bodies and our minds. Don’t give in to fear or despair as this just seems to fuel the pathogens involved with this condition. There is hope and recovery though it does take a huge commitment.

Restoring Your Health

There is a lot of information here geared towards restoring your health. I have written down treatments that will help clear your house and general environment of these pathogens. There are posts that focus solely on topical skin treatments, detoxing and cleanses as well as building up your immune system through proper diet and nutrition.

I believe that you must tackle all of these fronts at once to make headway in this battle. Once you are on top of these issues, recovery will take place. Be strong and persistent, not any of these treatments will work overnight. These programs are more about cultivating good health. There are many treatments that will stop the itching and biting associated with lesions. There are also tips to relieve the tremendous stress you’ve been carrying. These tips will help you in your journey.

Getting Started on Treatments

I suggest reading the post titled “Morgellons Treatments“. I have outlined the different subjects there that are covered in this blog. From there you can read up on the different aspects of health that this illness affects and how to take measures to win back your life. Read and question what you read. Research online and find what works for you. We all need a healthy dose of skepticism in what we consume, information too.

My Thoughts

I am not arguing whether this is real or not nor where it originates. For me it is a reality that I have chosen to combat in my daily life.  There is a lot of rage and fear involved with the knowledge of this. One should choose to channel all of that energy into dealing with these health issues and defeating it.

Feedback on Morgellons Aid

Well, I wasn’t sure I’d finish or publish. There is much tweaking to do and I am beginning to realize there is no end point to the blog. This condition is only starting to be recognized and studied so there is often new information that is being released. Keep a positive attitude and cultivate learning as well as good health. There is much hope for our future and remember to share with others what you experience and what you discover. I am asking for post submissions on a few topics such as “Women’s Issues” and “Children”. I am considering a section on recent articles as well. Any feedback? What’s on your mind?

Welcome to Morgellons Aid.


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