Candida Albicans Detox C.A.D.

Order of Cleanses

In the process of detoxing the body one should cleanse in this order…

  1. Colon Cleanses  C.A.D. or M.D.C. or similar colon cleanse.
  2. Kidney Cleanses 
  3. Parasite Cleanses
  4. Liver Cleanses              
  5. Blood Cleanses

This will ensure that detoxing one organ system will not overburden the others. The Candida Albicans Detox (C.A.D.) or Mucoid Dissolve Cleanse (M.D.C.) or a similar colon cleanse will clear the gastrointestinal tract. This will allow the elimination of toxins and waste through the cleansed systems when undertaking the subsequent cleanses, ie Kidney Detox, Liver Detox and finally the blood detox. The Kidney, Liver and Blood Cleanses are relatively short detoxes that are often  just a “fast” one day a week that can be built up to an extended three-day period.

These fasts or cleanses should be taken in the proper order when the body has adjusted to the probable ongoing C.A.D. or M.D.C. cleanse. Fasts and cleanses may lead to the body releasing built up toxins and result in a die off or herxheimer reaction. This is why the detox order should be followed. The body’s systems should be cleared in a progressive order to ensure that it can eliminate these released toxins. Fasts and cleanses should become a part of one’s routine taken fairly often. Once a week or bi-weekly rotated out through the schedule of cleanses and detoxes mentioned above.

Candida Albicans and Other Pathogens

There is a link between yeast infections and overgrowth (within the intestines and therefore applicable to both men and women) and arthropods and fungus gnats. It is speculated that the yeast and fungi not only are considered toxic and have adverse effects they also serve as a food source and attract the arthropods and fungus gnats. There is also a high correlation between Morgellon sufferers and Candida Related Complex (C.R.C.).

The possible link between these seemingly separate conditions is that studies indicate  the high percentage of C.R.C. patients (three out of four) are carrying parasites. Most C.R.C. patients are carrying around 4 to 5 types of which the Candida Albicans is but one.

Systemic Candida Infections

There is also the ability of Candida Albicans through the overuse of antibiotics to mutate into Mycelial forms that form root-like tentacles. These allow the new harmful fungi to penetrate the lining of the intestinal wall and enter the bloodstream to gain access to other parts of the body. There are traditional home remedies for cleansing the colon, eliminating these parasites and restoring beneficial bacteria to the gastrointestinal tract.


Caprol is the fungicidal component of the Candida Albicans Detox. This is caprylic acid combined with oleic acid. Caprylic acid is available in coconut oil or available in caps or tabs. It is anti-fungal without harming the beneficial bacteria needed in the G.I. tract for good health. Oleic acid follows the mycelial root-tentacles of C.A. to the base of the root and kills it there. It also hinders any additional conversion of C.A. yeast into its Mycelial fungal form which is very invasive.

Caprol is organic cold pressed extra virgin olive oil blended with organic raw unfiltered coconut oil. One tablespoon of organic coconut oil =1 gram of caprylic acid containing about 1040 mg.

Candida Albicans Detox

  •  8 oz of distilled or purified water  Chlorine must not be in the water used. May substitute  half (4 oz) of unsweetened juice with 4 oz. water.
  • one to two table spoons of LIQUID Bentonite Clay  This is not absorbed by the human body but is able to absorb many times it’s weight of toxins, metals, PARASITES then pass through the body.
  • Caprol 1/2 teaspoon to 1 tablespoon. My Caprol is 1/2 coconut oil and 1/2 Olive oil.
  • Beneficial Bacteria (like acidophilus) open two capsules into the mixture.
  • Optional One may add 1/2 teaspoon of Papain, Ground Ginger or Cayenne powder.
  • Psyllium one heaping teaspoon. Add last.

Using a 2-4 cup jar with tight-fitting lid add the ingredients in the order listed. Screw the jar lid and shake vigorously for 10 – 15 seconds. Drink immediately.
(mixture thickens quickly)

Severely Infected C.R.C Patients

  • week1 – start with just psyllium and bentonite.
  • week2 – add 1/2 teaspoon Caprol to psyllium and bentonite
  • week3 – increase Caprol to 1 teaspoon
  • week4 – increase Caprol to 2 teaspoons
  • week5 – increase Caprol to 3 teaspoons (one tablespoon)

Recommended Usage

2 times daily. Take 1/2 hour before breakfast
and 2 hours after supper OR 1 hour before supper.

Finishing the Colon Cleanse

For some the benefits will not last unless they continue the Psyllium and Bentonite combo for another 10 months, adding Caprol to the Psyllium/Bentonite mixture every third week for a period of 5 days is also recommended.

Die Off or Herxhiemer Reaction

EFFECTS LIKE FLU may be experienced. Normal die off reaction, can be supplemented with Vitamin C and E to help alleviate this reaction. Note: If the die off is severe then cut back on the Caprol to 1/2 teaspoon and slowly increase the amount by 1/2 teaspoon per dosage per week but that is the formula working. Also 3 teaspoons = 1 tablespoon. Vitamin C and E should help. M.S. who recommends this also suggests that you can “play” with the amounts of the ingredients. These are other options to help soothe a strong Herxheimer reaction.

  • give more proteases (something like Purify, Repair, Peptizyde, Peptidase Complete, Vitalzym, ViraStop, Wobenzyme, etc. between meals…like 3-4 capsules every 3-4 hours)
  • give more vitamin C or other antioxidant to help with general detox
  • Epsom salts baths help with calming and detox
  • lots of pure water to help flush the gunk out
  • rest, rest, sleep, rest
  • Activated Charcoal which helps absorb toxins

This link describes the properties of Caprylic and Oleic acids. Candida Related Complex and Food Allergies – A Newsletter

More notes

  • Psyllium acts as a stool softener.
  • Liquid bentonite acts as a hardener.

You can slowly adjust the amounts of each if your stool is too soft/hard. Each recipe dosage is one serving. Two servings a day.

How Long

Once you are using the full recipe with all ingredients the cleansing lasts 2-3 months but you may reap more benefits by using the bentonite/psyllium for another 10 months.Remember to so listen to your body. You might have to cut back or be able to increase each ingredient.

After 3rd month if you are still symptomatic then an alternate fungicide is used such as grapefruit seed extract, garlic extract or Oxycleanse (not oxyclean). The practice of alternating fungicides every 2-3 months is based on the possibility that the fungus could have developed mutations that are resistant to one type of fungicide.

Other Observations

Sometimes a slight discoloration on the skin (face, arms,palms and soles) has can be observed that is temporary and should fade in 2-6 weeks. This discoloration does not include the eyes nor is seen as generalized skin discoloration and is VERY different from the type of jaundice discoloration seen typical of hepatitis.


A herxing may occur as discussed above. After 3-4 weeks of the introduction of the 1st fungicide some develop rashes in different parts of the body such as the neck and upper chest. Others may have them on the legs or arms. It is assumed that the live fungi is trying get away from the GI tract where the active killing is happening and show up in the skin or other parts of the body.

Note:  Caprol can be used topically to treat the symptoms of itching and rashes caused by the fungi exiting the body. It relieves these symptoms and prevents further infection.

Using Enzymes to Cleanse Yeast

For an excellent source of information concerning Enzymes and Yeast go to


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