Environmental Cleanses

Environmental Cleanses

This is an extensive section. There are aspects or vectors of Morgellons that appear to permeate into the immediate environment and propagates without a host. These areas include beds and bedding, laundry, floors, baseboards, walls, curtains and drapes, cars, shoes and basically anyplace that the affected person may have contacted. This can seem overwhelming when one first faces this obstacle. Dividing the tasks at hand into smaller more manageable ones and dividing the home into sections makes this easier to accomplish. Once the initial cleaning has been done the follow-up cleanings can be worked into a routine.

 Some Cleaning Protocols

  • Remove all carpets and rugs. Tile or hardwood floors do not provide the same breeding ground and are more easily cleaned on a regular basis.
  • Replace pillows and cover mattresses. There are zippered vinyl mattress and pillow covers available that greatly help. These should entirely cover the mattress. Also, an alternative to the mattress covers is painter’s plastic 5 – 8 mm thickness and duct tape. Air tight seals are desired and one may need to “bleed” the trapped air out of the mattress seal.
  • Sweep and clean entire floor. Follow with a mopping or spraying with either 5% or 9% vinegar (1/2 vinegar and 1/2 water) or even more effective is using an enzyme cleaner such as Kleen Green, Kleen Free, Eco-vie, Bug Arrest or a home-made enzyme cleaner(1:7 ratio of enzyme to water). Vinegar is odor free once it is dried.
  • Purchase a small garden sprayer (with attached pump in lid) and use the vinegar or enzyme solution to spray the entire home. This spray should be applied to one’s entire environment.Essential oils can be used sparingly to add strength to the solutions. Use any single oil or combination of oils from the Thieves Oil blend.
  • Wipe all surfaces with antibacterial wipes, enzymes solutions or white vinegar. Essentially every surface in the home, car and anyplace that is suspect.
  • Wipe, spray or vacuum every surface such as walls, ceilings, floors mattresses and furniture. If vacuuming remember to discard the bag or spray down the various vacuum parts.

More information on Enzymes

Certain enzymes are very useful topically in curbing the Morgellons symptoms. Protease, cellulase, papain and chitinase especially seem effective in breaking down cellulose and chitin. Cellulose is a product that results from fungal overgrowth and chitin is the material that arthropods produce in their exoskeletons. The enzymes stop the growth process of these materials. Enzyme products come in ready to use and concentrated forms. The concentrated enzymes are much more economical. Some brands that are effective:

Follow links to suppliers.

Enzyme Recipes

There are easy to do recipes for the home fermentation of enzymes. These Enzyme Recipes are highly recommended as the price to produce is 60 times less per gallon than the ready to use enzymes. The only draw back is the time involved in fermenting. 1 & 1/2  to 3 months. Also see the following link for Enzymes as a Cleaning Product.

Solutions for Storing Clothing

Some have reported continued problems with upholstered furniture, laundry and the storage of clothing. These tips may help.

  • Plastic bins and totes that have air tight sealing lids. Spray the outside as needed. Disposable plastic bags. The clear ones make it easier to see contents.
  • Do not reuse bags used as dirty clothes bins after washing clothing.
  • Use plastic totes with sealable lids as dirty clothing bins and always spray to cleanse them between use.

Some have reported hit or miss success with moth balls and/or Cedarcide or sachets of lavender or oils from the Thieves Oil blend.


It appears that these pathogens/parasites can thrive in laundry. It is speculated that certain parasites especially gmo strongyloids are partial to gmo cotton. They appear to infest new cotton clothing and are sometimes visible as lint or threads. They tend to leave small holes in cotton and silk and often leave lint “cocoons” that are very small. Regardless of that interesting tidbit Morgellons does thrive in laundry. It easily moves from item to item while in laundry bins. This protocol is not easy but essential to overall mitigation of Morgellons.

Laundry Tips

  • Switch to clothing that contains synthetic materials. Reduce one’s wardrobe of cotton and wool clothing.
  • Switch to satin or synthetic sheets and pillow cases and synthetic blankets also.
  • Use powdered laundry soaps that contain enzymes and baking soda such as Tide.
  • Add 4 oz of liquid enzymes to the wash cycle.
  • Add products such as Borax or salt and a scoop of an Oxy product.
  • Use the hottest water possible for the hottest wash cycle. This may include changing the temperature setting on one’s water heater.
  • Clean/spray the dirty laundry bins with vinegar or enzymes. Do not re-use plastic bags used as dirty clothes bins.
  • Dry clothing in hottest cycle in dryer.
  • Place pillows, comforters, stuffed toys, etc in dryer on HIGH heat for 30-45 min each night before bed during initial treatment stage, then as needed thereafter.
  • Clean the lint collector and spray with enzymes after each use. Clean weekly the washer with a light cycle run with no clothes and a cup of bleach.

Consider changing the temperature setting on one’s water heater.This will accommodate the extra usage of hot water.

Warning: ALWAYS use caution when using hot water. Test temperatures by hand and use cold water to adjust to a comfortable level especially when bathing or preparing baths for children. Hot water will scald the skin in only a few seconds.

Washers with Internal Heaters

There are new washing machines available that have incredibly hot wash cycles. Some brands have machines that have internally contained heater that can heat water up to 180 fahrenheit (82.25 celsius). These units are usually energy-efficient front loading machines that use less energy and less water. Laundry protocols can be exhausting especially if using the public laundromats. It is easy to spend a small fortune and not get the results one is looking for. Some of these machines are very expensive, upwards of $1200.00. Look for a new one from a factory outlet. I found one for less than $600.00 that had a small scratch. Brand names that I am aware of that have internal heaters include Miele, Bosch, Maytag and others. One may need to do some internet searches. Look for cycle names like allergen, xxsanitary or xxxsanitary or just look for internal heaters as a feature. This machine has helped me tremendously. I can sleep most nights now “bite” free and I do not have attacks on my body when I wear laundered clothing. I do maintain lots of cleaning protocols in my house though. I still wash bedding at least every third day. This is not an endorsement to rush out and spend money but rather a progress report on someone who has.

Problematic Upholstered Furniture and Other Items

If the severity of one’s symptoms persists or one becomes aware of certain problematic areas such as beds, cars, or certain upholstered items then the following spray can be effective. This is a spray consisting of Diatomaceous Earth (link) and liquid. Water may be suitable but liquid enzymes are more effective. I have also used a 50/50 mix of white vinegar and isopropyl alcohol with good results.The use of a plastic spray bottle is needed.

  • One quart/liter plastic bottles are the best and easily found at many stores and garden centers. IMPORTANT: before mixing spray open the spray bottle. There is a small plastic filter on the intake tube to the pump/lid. It will easily clog unless removed. Simply pull it off.
  • The spray is 25% D.E. to 75% water/solution (Blue window cleaning fluid is another choice available in some grocers and department stores in gallon sizes for very cheap). Be certain to fill the sprayer only to the fill mark indicated. Pump, shake and spray. The DE will not stay in solution for long so shake often and pump often to retain spray pressure.
  • A Medium to fine mist is desired. Spray the problematic areas lightly but thoroughly. This includes all surfaces of the item in question. Box fans will speed up drying times.
  • Properly done this method leaves a thin-film of D.E. on the surface sprayed. D.E. sprayed lightly will not show up on light to medium colored fabrics when dry. May show as a powdery residue on dark colors and hard surfaces. Easily washed out or wiped away.
  • Wipe away and vacuum older D.E. films before reapplying new treatments. May be applied as needed with applications becoming less frequent as condition comes under control.

More Information on Diatomaceous Earth

The manner in which D.E. eliminates parasites in the environment is not chemical but rather a physical/mechanical decimation of the parasites. The microscopic sharp texture of the D.E. pierces the parasites’ exoskeleton or skin and the absorbance of D.E. also dehydrates the lipids of the parasite. This is on a microscopic scale. The texture of D.E. is like talcum powder to the touch. Also D.E. is nontoxic to humans and animals. It is reported that D.E. has a negative charge and this enables it to attract and trap positively charged toxins and heavy metals. Another method of spreading D.E. is the use of dusters. These devices force the finely powdered D.E. through a small spout and one is able to squeeze the duster and spray the D.E. where it is needed.

These are excellent ways to spread D.E. outside in yards, play areas, kennels etc. But there is a danger is breathing the D.E. so the wet sprayed method is safer.

Multiple Chemical Sensitivity & Household Cleaners

Many who suffer from Morgellons also exhibit a possible signs of Multiple Chemical Sensitivity (MCS). Multiple Chemical Sensitivity is a chronic medical condition characterized by symptoms attributed to exposure to low levels of chemicals.

These cleaners are NOT meant to treat your environment for Morgellons. They are meant to offer a non-toxic alternative to the thousands of harmful chemicals we call “Cleaners”.

Non-Toxic Household Cleaners.


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