Morgellons Treatments

A brief introduction to Morgellons Syndrome also known as the Fibre/Fiber disease.

Common Symptoms

  • Non-healing skin eruptions, rashes, lesions or sores along with intense itching.
  • Sensations on the skin of insects crawling, biting or stinging. These sensations may increase at night.
  • Physical fatigue along with muscle aches or cramps that are often debilitating.
  • Mental fatigue characterized by poor concentration and poor memory. This symptom is often referred to as Brain Fog.
  • Behavioural changes and mood swings. Ill treatment from doctors often creates a sense of distrust. Fears of being ostracised by social circles or stigmatized in general and of transmitting Morgellons is common.
  • Joint pain and stiffness.
  • Appearance of fibres/fibers often red, green, black, blue or clear seeming to come from the lesions or sores. Also the appearance of  “seeds” or granules, “pods”, crystals or various insect parts.
  • May include changes in vision, headaches, earaches and stomach pain or gastrointestinal symptoms.
  • Also may include changes in skin texture, pigmentation and appearance of “moles” and changes in hair thickness, hair colour or  hair texture.

As so little is known about this disease there is uncertainty as to whether or not this condition is contagious. I believe that there are various stages to this condition and the more apparent stages are quite probably contagious. So I suggest that precautions are taken and that one acts as if it were transmittable especially through open sores and body fluids, shared personal items and through the vectors of insect infestation. Routines may have to be altered. Isolation is not suggested as a protocol as safe contact/interactions with others is attainable by adopting a routine and undertaking effective  protocols across your whole environment.

A little known medical condition that has recently begun to sweep across countries and continents, Morgellons is still often disputed and contested as a “real” disease. Many different organizations across several first world governments are in the infancy of recognizing and prescribing effective treatments for this malady. Medical diagnosis and treatment are at this point sketchy at best and sufferers (known as Morgies) are often misdiagnosed with delusional parasitosis and stigmatized by both the medical community and often people in general. That is not to say that excellent care providers, doctors and researchers do not exist but rather that many are often in the position to be informed and educated by their patients.

Morgies may often have underlying health conditions such as Lyme disease, Attention Deficit Disorder, Chronic Fatigue and the many newly recognized fiber diseases as well as liver and kidney disease among others. This has led to an almost non-existent protocol or treatment plan for Morgellons sufferers. It is important to find a doctor or health professional to assist one with the diagnosis and treatment for these concurrent health conditions.

It is the intent of this blog to list the protocols and treatments that have been tried by Morgellons sufferers with success. These protocols should not be blindly adopted but researched and trialed with caution by interested persons with a passion in taking responsibility for their own health.

Medical Histories and Allergies

To add to the confusion many symptoms exhibited by Morgies are also symptomatic of other illnesses. It is therefore very important to have a solid understanding of one’s own medical history especially in regards to allergies and pre-existing conditions. If one suspects Morgellons as a cause for one’s ill-health, seek a medical opinion and research online the many manifestations and symptoms of this disease.

Suggested Morgellons Treatment Posts

These have been separated into sections for your convenience. They suggest cleansing options  for all areas of your life.
  • Topical Treatments These posts examine skin care and ways to relieve the topical symptoms of Morgellons.
  • Detox Cleansing Treatments These posts cover gentle remedies that cleanse and detox the internal organs and their systems.
  • Immune System Building This section examines ways other than detox to build a healthy Immune System and keep Morgellons at bay.
  • Enviromental Cleanses These posts describe how to clean your house, laundry and personal items against Morgellons.
  • Diet and Nutrition These posts describe dietary changes that must be undertaken for long-term recovery in the fight against Morgellons.
Babies and young children require a greater degree of learning and I believe a gentler approach to treatment. I believe that the topical treatments and environmental treatments listed in this blog can be safely used on babies, small children and pets too. All these treatments require adult supervision and may need to be applied in lighter applications. Herbal supplements and other supplements should not be used without the recommendation of a doctor or dietician. The food based protocols for vitamin and mineral requirements are safe and appropriate alternatives to pharmacueticals and other supplements.
There are protocols for pets, as sadly this strikes our animal friends too.
This is not an area that I have experience with so these topics are still under construction. Consider this a call for entries if you or someone you know has had success here and would like to share. Contact me at
Under Construction…
  • Women’s Issues
  • Babies and Small Children
  • Pets
Good luck in your journey to restoring your health. To achieving a quality of life again, albeit a different life than you led before.
Please don’t hesitate to ask questions if you get lost along the way.
There is hope in successfully mitigating Morgellons.

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